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Aukey Optic Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Angle Fish Eye Pl-bl01

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The best price for Aukey Optic Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Angle Fish Eye Pl-bl01 right now is ₫ 366.200.

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No black line on the photo, clear lenses add acuity to your photo.optic 2x telephoto.
The range of these 2x telephoto lenses can be very clear, used for photographic techniques and can be combined with the zoom of the smartphone itself.

Inclusive pouch
There is a pouch to store the lens and make it easier for you to carry the lens while traveling.

High quality material
Lenses are made of high class optical lenses, the outer side of the lens has an aluminum layer that protects the lens from impact, is durable in use and provides clarity for your photo.

Universal clip
The univesal clip allows this lens to be used to all types of smartphone cameras.

# all you get from the box:
1x aukey optic pro 2x telephoto lens angle fish eye for smartphone pl-bl011x microfiber1x clip1x pouch1x lens caps

Aukey optic pro 2x telephoto lens angle fish eye smartphone pl-bl01 type lens
2x telephoto

Optical glass, aluminum alloy,
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