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Bán chạy nhất SOLERAM - Giày T77;

  • Danh mục: Khác
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  • Color có sẵn : Tan, Dark Brown
  • Size có sẵn : Size 20, Size 21, Size 22, Size 23, Size 24, Size 25, Size 26
  • Kho : 93

The best price for Bán chạy nhất SOLERAM - Giày T77; right now is ₫ 818.100.

Soleram - Tom Shoes

Dark Brown.

Product description:
- Vintage Style.
- Synthetic Leather material.
- Synthetic Suede Lining material
- Soft to Skin.
- Soft sole
- Anti-Slip sole baby shoes
- No ArchSuport Flat feet insoles

Product base material:
- using Premium synthetic leather Material 1.5mm - 2mm thickness to keep the shape sturdy and perfect, soft textured synthetic leather Material, flexible and not cracked or stained on the bend of the feet
- a synthetic leather with a Soleram logo. Non-Adjustable flat feet pads or sponge for children 's feet can be free to move naturally

Wingtips Shoes model

- Tan.
There 's a gradient.
So the color of his shoes doesn 't solidify the vintage impression.

Size Chart (length)
Size 20: 13.5cm (< 2 years old)
Size 21: 14cm (< 2 years old)
Size 22: 14.5cm (2.0 2.5 years old)
Size 23: 15cm (2.5 3 years old)
Size 24: 15.5cm (2.5 3 years old)
Size 25: 16cm (3-3.5 years old)
Size 26: 16.8cm (3.5-4 years old)

Recommendation size 0.5-1cm of foot length
13.5Cm children 's foot length example, the best size for your child is 22 (14.5cm)

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