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Dây Dò Cảm Biến Nhiệt 2m Pt100 5mm X 50mm 3 Dây 0-400c

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  • color có sẵn : Silver
  • Kho : 999

The best price for Dây Dò Cảm Biến Nhiệt 2m Pt100 5mm X 50mm 3 Dây 0-400c right now is ₫ 66.550.

#2m #PT100 #Thermocouple #Probe #5mmx50mm #Temperature #Controller #Sensor #3 #Wire #0-400C
2m PT100 Thermocouple Probe 5mmx50mm Temperature Controller Sensor 3 Wire 0-400C
Temperature Range: 0 - 400°C
Thread Diameter: 8mm/ 0.31"
Probe Diameter: 5mm/ 0.2"
Fork Terminal Spacing: 4mm / 0.2"
Probe Length: 50mm / 2"
External Shielding : Metal Shield
Total Length: 2m/ 6.6Ft

1. Features with 2meters long, 8mm thread diameter, 5cm probe length thermocouple.
2. A thermocouple is a device consisting of two different conductors (usually metal alloys) that produce a voltage proportional to a temperature difference between either end of the pair of conductors.
3. Grounded type is more sensitive to temperature, can help to measure temperature fasterly.
4. PT100 type Thermocouple with flexible spring built in.
5. 3 terminals for easy connection. Temperature measurement range is from 0 celsius to 400 celsius degree.
3. Widely used for industrial or laboratory to test equipments temperature.

Package include:
1pc Pt100 Thermoc