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Keo Dán Đa Năng B-7000

  • Danh mục: Daily Deals
  • Đã bán : 7
  • Kho : 653

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Sản phẩm
keo dán màn hình b-7000
₫ 15.000
KEO DÁN ĐA NĂNG T-7000 ( 15ML )
₫ 20.000
Keo Dán Đa Năng B-7000 50 ml 19dez Chất Lượng Cao
₫ 223.900
Keo dán đa năng B-7000 loại 50ml
₫ 35.000
Keo Dán Đa Năng B-7000 50ml Hàng Cao Cấp
₫ 59.000
keo B-7000 (25ml)
₫ 20.000
Keo dán đa năng B-7000 loại 50ml
₫ 29.000
₫ 5.000
Keo dán đa năng B-7000 loại 50ml
₫ 29.000
₫ 20.000
Keo Dán B-7000 15ml - 25ml
₫ 30.000
B-7000 Keo Dán Trong Suốt 206774
₫ 18.900
[Mã ELFLASH3 hoàn 10K xu đơn 20K] B-7000 Keo Dán Trong Suốt
₫ 10.000
Keo Dán Màn Hình Cảm Ứng Đa Năng B - 7000
₫ 41.900
Keo dán ng B-7000 đa chức năng tiện dụng
₫ 22.000
Keo Dán Đa Năng B-7000 Chất Lượng Cao
₫ 10.689
Keo dán đá tuýp lớn 100ml B-7000
₫ 67.000
Keo Dán Đa Năng B-7000 B7000 15ml
₫ 12.478
Keo Dán Đá Trang Sức Đa Chức Năng B-7000
₫ 30.000
B-7000 Keo Dán Trong Suốt 206774 [SKM]
₫ 22.231
B-7000 Keo Dán Trong Suốt 💎 Freeship 💎 206774
₫ 17.990
KEO B-7000 (50ML)
₫ 40.000
Keo dán B-7000 đa năng - Keo B-7000 dán màn hình nắp lưng
₫ 6.000
Keo dán siêu dính B-7000 chất lượng cao
₫ 3.904
✅ Chất Lượng ✅ Keo Dán Đa Năng B-7000 Dán Ron, Màn Hình, Nắp Lưng, Kính Camera,...
₫ 30.600
Keo Dán Màn Hình Lcd B-7000 3ml
₫ 40.800
Keo dán cườm, dán màn hình, dán mặt kính, dán ren B-7000
₫ 35.000
Keo dán B-7000 đa năng tiện dụng siêu dính
₫ 10.537
Keo Dán Màn Hình Cảm Ứng Lcd Hp & B-7000 T-7000 Đen
₫ 56.500
Keo Dán Kính Đa Năng B-7000
₫ 33.900

The best price for Keo Dán Đa Năng B-7000 right now is ₫ 33.768.

3ml/9ml/25ml/50ml/115ml B-7000 Multi Purpose Glue Adhesive Epoxy Resin DIY Crafts Glass Touch Screen Cell Phone Super Glue
B7000 is a self-leveling adhesive that matches toys, flowers, jewelry,special environmental adhesive arts and crafts and other industries.
As compared to other adhesive, B-7000 has pungent odor but also has tiny scent; belonging to the new one-component adhesive transparent solution.
Normal temperature curing, easy to operate without re-packing, two kinds of openings can be used simultaneously.
With high elasticity, soft film, anti-vibration and waterproof.
For metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bamboo wood, cloth, leather, PE, PP, PVC, ABS, nylon, sponge, film, textiles, electronic components, plastics, rubber , fiber, paper, rhinestones, and other materials,B7000 adhesive have a very good pasting properties.

Net content: 3ml/9ml/25ml/50ml/110ml
Product Material: Plastic/Resin
Appearance: Transparent semi-fluid
Solid content: 28%-35%
Hardness after curing: 70-85A
Surface drying time: 4 minutes
Complete healing time: 24-48 hours
Storage: Store at 10 degrees to 28 degrees

1. Please read the Introduction carefully before using the product.
2. Before using in a large area, please do a small part of the experiment.
3. Make sure that the sticky surface clean and dry.
4. The best operating temperature should be between 18-32 degrees.
5. The product can be used directly as required and evenly coated on the adhesive surface.
6. Wait 3-6 minutes,two aligned adhesives stick together under a little pressure.
7. After several hours of continuous placement, the best adhesive strength is after 48 hours.
8. When the product is not the covered, avoid contact with air curing glue.

1. May be irritating to the skin and eyes.
2. Use in a well-ventilated environment.
3. In case of contact with eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.
4. Keep away from children's store, production operations, please stay away from fire.
5. The shelf life is a year,the safe use of the product and end date can be seen atpipe end.
Same function can be sticky metal, leather, plastics, glass, resins, ceramics, each product has advantages.

1.Please allow 1-3 cm differs due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.


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