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Khối Rubik Đồ Chơi Phong Cách Giáng Sinh

  • Danh mục: Daily Deals
  • Đã bán : 0
  • Color có sẵn : Jingle Bells, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree
  • Kho : 10

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The best price for Khối Rubik Đồ Chơi Phong Cách Giáng Sinh right now is ₫ 348.900.

Christmas edition busy cube

Yuk moms is looking for a christmas present, ready stock, but not much, there are only 15 pieces each 2 variations.
Grab fast before it runs out 😆😆 .

There are 3 types of options:
Jingle bells edition (12m +)
Santa claus edition (10-15m)
18m + christmas tree edition

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