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Quần Tất Lụa Trong Suốt Không Đường May 360 Độ Gợi Cảm Cho Nữ

  • Danh mục: Vớ/ Tất
  • Đã bán : 0
  • Color có sẵn : Black, Moonlight Gray, Light Flesh Color, Fair Skin Colored, Foundation Skin, Wheat Skin, Black (Open), Moonlight Gray 8, Light Flesh Color 9, Fair Skin Colored 10, Foundation Skin 11, Wheat Skin (Open), Black (Pearlescent), Moonlight Gray 14, Wheat Skin 15, Natural Skin Color, Light Skin, Cherry Blossom, Mint Blue, Cherry Blossom 20, Mint Blue (Open), Feather White (Open, Feather White, Plus-Sized (Black), Plus-Sized, Extra Large (Light, Extra Large (Fair, Extra Large, Plus-Sized (Wheat
  • Size có sẵn : Average Size
  • Kho : 113K

The best price for Quần Tất Lụa Trong Suốt Không Đường May 360 Độ Gợi Cảm Cho Nữ right now is ₫ 198.657.

fabric name core-spun silk;
item No. 8002;
packaging form boxed;
source category spot goods;
applicable age group Youth (18-40 years old);
main fabric composition spandex; the content of
main fabric composition is 12; Whether
supports labeling is not supported; Whether
supports OEM is not supported; Jinhua,
origin; Whether
is in stock;
process Mercerizing;
function hip lifting;
function is breathable;
function is invisible;
function is shaping;
function is open;
function is deodorant;
function is anti-friction;
sock length romper; Whether
steps on the foot or not; Whether
has a heel;
is thick and thin;
style is sexy;
pattern is solid;
is suitable for seasonal summer;
is suitable for seasonal winter;
is suitable for seasonal spring;
is suitable for seasonal autumn;
color is black;
color is moonlight gray;
color light flesh color;
color fair skin colored;
color Foundation skin;
color wheat skin;
color black (open);
color moonlight gray (open);
color light flesh color (open);
color fair skin colored (open);
color Foundation skin (open);
color wheat skin (open);
color black (pearlescent);
color moonlight gray (pearlescent);
color wheat skin (pearlescent);
color natural skin color (pearlescent);
color light skin (pearlescent);
color cherry blossom powder;

new large version
average size suitable: height 155-175cm weight 90-130kg
large size suitable for: height 160-180cm weight 100-160kg
2021 new spring and summer new color
cherry blossom powder
mint blue
two particularly fairy colors, very authentic Very smooth, very transparent.
is much better than the photo.
is easy to change color when shooting on a white background because of light color, and the kind of moisturizing and crystalistic sense can't be taken)
is very fairy and fairy. If you like it, try it!
size: average size, suitable for 150-175, body weight within 130kg.
ultra-thin seamless wrapped core silk low waist seamless 360 silk socks pantyhose
foot tip fully transparent thin style sexy hidden shape.
silk smooth, silk satin touch feeling 360 seamless silk socks,
core-wrapped silk material Quality
high needle count
woven square style,
hand feeling is very smooth
3D thickness transparent soft
abnormal feeling!!! Foot type design.
6 colors 4 nude color are always suitable for your skin quality
open-end detailed section figure
seamless Pearl

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