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Set 20 Quả Trứng Đồ Chơi Bất Ngờ

  • Danh mục: Daily Deals
  • Đã bán : 0
  • Color có sẵn : Random
  • Kho : 56

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The best price for Set 20 Quả Trứng Đồ Chơi Bất Ngờ right now is ₫ 211.400.

These eggs contain surprise toys inside. The surprise content is a random toy (unable to choose due to the seal). Once the egg is opened, it can be used again to fill with other toys.

The sample of the toy is in the second photo. If lucky Mr. / sista can get a watch, car, or lego robot.

Size: About 5.3 cm long (like village chicken eggs)
The random color / motif = meaning sent according to the available stock, cannot be selective.

1pc / 1pc price.
1 net of 20 eggs.
1 dus contains 6 nets (120 eggs) - 2 kg volumetric.

There is a possibility that the contents of the toy surprise are the same / double, so it is not recommended to buy large quantities for use a